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What To Do With Unused Popcorn Concession Supplies

What to Do with Unused Concession Supplies

It isn’t always easy to estimate how many people will attend community, school, or church fundraising events, or to calculate the volume of concession supplies you’ll need. Since no event planner wants to prematurely run out of popcorn during the event, it’s usually a good idea to have more corn, oil, and salt on hand than you’ll need. If your organization runs popcorn concessions only one or two times a year, that can create a dilemma.

Here are some ideas on what to do with unused popcorn supplies after (or between) infrequent events.

  • Store popcorn ingredients in a cool, dry area. Fortunately, popcorn popping ingredients have a relatively long shelf life and can be safely stored until the indicated expiration date.
  • Create “POP”-ortunities! You can always find a good reason to make more popcorn: Reward students with it as a prize for good grades or behavior, for example, or use it as part of an employee or volunteer recognition effort. Because the supplies are so inexpensive, fresh popcorn makes a great giveaway as motivation or “just because.” It creates a fun atmosphere in a wide range of settings for your organization.
  • Plan another event such as a movie night, or attend an event that’s already in the works and either sell or give away the remaining popcorn. Check your local community calendar for parades and other fun gatherings.
  • Network to share supplies with another organization. You can trade for similar supplies, barter your supplies for services, or donate them to a fundraiser-specific concession stand. If you’re interested in trading or bartering, ask a fellow concession stand manager if they’re interested in working something out. The trade could be popcorn supplies for napkins, cups, or plastic gloves; anything they might have excess of, and is comparable in price for the amount that you’re trading. A barter might involve a service; you could give away the supplies in exchange for something less tangible that you can use, such as cross-promotional marketing or help cleaning your concession stand for an hour, depending on the amount of supplies on the table for the barter.To donate the popcorn supplies, start with considering what causes are important to you; it may be the school your children go to, your church, or a local venue that supports causes you care about. Start by contacting the person in charge of the concessions and letting them know why you’re reaching out to them. They’ll likely be happy to receive your extra product and pleased that you chose their organization to support.

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