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What Makes Facebook Fans Become Customers?



Do social media and sales go together? Of course they can (and they should)! But as you know with any good sale, it is a process. Let’s take a look at what we need to understand in order to convert Facebook fans to customers.

  1. Recognize the platform. – Facebook isn’t designed to be an instant sales tool. Instead, it is for nurturing relationships. Through your engagement, you build trust. And trust is what earns your business long-term.  Example:  Sydney sells shaved ice. Rather than just promoting certain flavors, she polls her Facebook fans to decide on a Flavor of the Month.
  1. Use as a funnel. – Social media can capture a large net of potential customers. To move forward with the best prospects, use a qualifying process. Create an incentive such as a coupon, checklist or freebie. Have respondents answer a few brief questions that will help you judge their interest level. And most importantly collect their email address. Customers overwhelmingly prefer email communications, so businesses benefit by being invited into the inbox. Example:  Ron’s Equipment Rental develops a list of top ten tips for outdoor parties & events. In order for users to download, they must fill out a brief questionnaire and provide an email address.
  1. Make the experience rewarding. – Being a Facebook fan should have its benefits. In fact, 40% of people like Facebook pages to receive discounts and coupons. Make a fan-exclusive offer with a clear call-to-action and deadline to increase urgency. Example: Amy makes a “Thirsty Thursday” promotion for her movie theater, where Facebook fans can get a free drink with the purchase of a large popcorn.
  1. Let storytelling do the selling. – Show your fans how to be creative with your products. Explain how your product solves a problem. When potential customers can visualize a product in action, they will be more likely moved to purchase. Example:  Marcus operates the popcorn shop inside of a grocery store. On their Facebook page, he shares how affordable it is to create a gourmet popcorn bar for your next gathering.
  1. Trust in testimonials. – Your customers can be your best ambassadors. Fans are interested in what their peers are saying. Nearly half of US online adults trust reviews written by customers. But to be effective, content is important. Don’t just say, “These products are great.” Give it a context. How is the product being used? What results are they getting? Add a photo to maximize your impression. Example:  Christy’s Candy Boutique creates a post showing how a customer incorporated cotton candy into a baby gender reveal party.

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