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Want More Sales? Just Chill.

If you think of ice and picture a few cubes floating in your drink, you may want to think again. Just a small amount of frozen water can be transformed into a money-maker for your concession business. The unmistakable advantages of frozen refreshments are: low food costs; high profit potential; ease of preparation; popularity and fun factor. But what option is right for you? Let’s take a look at what snow-cones, shave ice and slushies each have to offer:

  • snokone_blueSno-Kones® – A classic treat for kids of all ages, snow cones or Sno-Kones® combine flavored syrups with crunchy ice shaped as balls inside cone cups. The ice is crushed in advance, making it easy to efficiently serve a large amount of customers. It is extremely affordable, which makes it a great option for carnivals, schools events, church festivals and sports concession stands.

DID YOU KNOW… You don’t have to use high fructose corn syrup flavoring. Now available are Deluxe Sno-Kone® Syrups with AllCane®, in flavors from strawberry and cherry to root beer and bubble gum.


  • Shave IceShave Ice – What makes shave ice different from snow-cones? First, the ice is shaved to have a soft and fluffy consistency. It is served in a cup with a spoon straw. Available in a wide assortment of flavors, shave ice is generally perceived as more adult. It is more time-consuming to produce since the ice is shaved individually, not prepared in advance. But as a result, it also has a higher perceived value and can be priced between $2.00 – $4.00.

DID YOU KNOW… There’s a simple way to expand your flavor offerings. Just add a shot of Sour Attitude®! Give a sour twist to cherry, blue raspberry, lemon or others.


  • Frusheez In CupsFrusheez® – Slushes are convenient and high-volume frozen beverages. Also known as Frusheez®, they are produced inside revolving machines, which are designed to keep the liquid at the proper temperature and freezing capacity. The machine also acts as a visual merchandiser, which catches customers’ eyes. Food cost is slightly higher however, but because prep is automated, you can serve in high quantities relatively easily.

DID YOU KNOW… Bars and restaurants can use Frusheez® with margarita or strawberry daiquiri mix and then add the alcohol in just before serving. 

Your sales won’t freeze with frozen refreshments. If you’re interested in any of these product lines, we’d be happy to help you explore the options. Please contact Gold Medal via email at [email protected] or call 1-800-543-0862 and speak with one of our knowledgeable professionals.