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Undeniable Tips Straight from School Concession Leaders

The best advice comes from those who have been there and done that. That’s why we are dedicating this blog post to sharing the insights of individuals who’ve served firsthand with school concession stands. Their knowledge and experience can benefit you!

  • As Booster Concessions Manager for a large high school, Lynn Spitznagel shares, “Plan orders ahead of time.” She relies on game-day favorites like popcorn, nachos, and pretzels. It’s important to keep track of best-sellers and plan orders accordingly, so you don’t run out-of-stock at busy times.
  • It’s an old adage, “You get what you pay for.” As a school’s VP of Ways and Means, Stephanie Hall knows that quality makes a difference. That’s why concession stand managers should not make purchases based on price alone. Consider the equipment features, supplies, and service.
  • Running a concession stand for an eventful booster club, David Roth says that custom menu items make a difference. “Always try to change it up; give variety; keep it interesting.” For example, his school makes a custom hot chocolate with whipped cream and crumbled candy bar on top.
  • “Many schools don’t realize the opportunity with concessions coincides with events they’re already doing,” explained Katie Sharp who leads the concessions for a band booster program. Your concession stand is a resource you can use year-round for spirit days, concerts, teacher appreciation, etc.
  • Steer clear of shopping the retail stores. “It was a disaster going to the store for products,” states Hall. She cited increased costs, out-of-stock items, and time-consuming trips as the problems she encountered. Reputable vendors provide a value with the proper products, ease of ordering, and proactive customer service.
  • When participation and sponsorships of other fundraisers fail to deliver, the concession stand can be counted on as reliable. “The products all sell really well,” said Roth. He considers concessions as the main source of income year-round for all sports. With low costs, concession foods can provide a return in a relatively short time frame (many in just one weekend!).

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