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Twitter 101 for Concessions


Social media is as diverse as any other form of communication. In order to speak the language, it’s important to understand the different channels and how they can work for you. For the month of July, we’re going to focus our attention on Twitter, how it works and how it can be used across the concession industry. Let’s get started with Twitter 101…

  • What is Twitter? Twitter is self-described as a real-time information network. Messages are shared succinctly in 140 characters or less. It is immediate, as posts move quickly. And it is also highly interactive, encouraging communication and connections. In fact, 80% of Twitter users are accessing it via a mobile device, allowing you to reach customers wherever they’re at.
  • How can it be used for my business? There are a number of different ways that Twitter can benefit businesses. One is to listen and stay on the pulse of what’s happening in your industry. Secondly is to stay connected to customers and provide customer service. It is also used to drive awareness. Lastly, it can help you to connect with influencers who can connect you to even more potential customers.
  • What’s the difference between Twitter and Facebook? Twitter is made to openly share information immediately at a fast pace. It is intended to encourage back-and-forth conversation and has been compared to texting. Facebook relies more upon established relationships. Posts are more detailed and can vary in length up to a cap of 63,000 characters.
  • What are the basics of Twitter? A Tweet is a message posted on Twitter. A Reply is a response to a tweet and a way to engage in conversation. A Retweet is when you share someone else’s tweet with your own followers. A Favorite is a way to indicate your appreciation for a tweet. A Hashtag is any word or phrase (without spaces) that follows the # sign. It helps to group content together related to a certain topic. A Mention is when you use someone’s User Name (@UserName) in your message.
  • How do I get started? First, you’ll need to set up a profile and create a user name. Use something simple and relatable to your business or organization. In addition, you’ll also set up a profile photo and bio. Then the first thing you’ll want to do is see what others are doing. Look for similar businesses, even monitor competitors. Find those that you want to follow. Start retweeting and replying. Then begin to mix in your own posts, links, promotions, etc. Once you have a few posts, promote your Twitter account via email, on your website and through other channels to help attract followers. Twitter recommends developing a content strategy incorporating various types of posts from promotions, behind-the-scenes photos, tips, customer spotlights, etc.
  • What are some examples of what I can post related to concessions? Concessions are sensory driven, so use that to your advantage posting photos of your foods being enjoyed. You can also post special promotions to help drive traffic to your stand. Ask questions about favorite flavors or new items to broaden your menu selections. If you are at an event, tweet periodic updates using a hashtag and ask for retweets to encourage engagement. Post links to articles about concession foods. Connect your posts to holidays. Ask fans to tweet photos with their favorite foods from your stand.

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