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Gold Medal's Top 10 Concession Industry Blogs of 2018

ICYMI: Gold Medal’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

As this year comes to a close, we wanted to share some of our very be st blog content. These are some of the posts we’re most proud of and that we think can be most beneficial to you as you build and grow your concession business in the year to come. Here are our top 10 posts of 2018.

New Workforce Insights for Successful Concession Staffing

Ready to expand your business and hire employees? This post will give you insights into staffing challenges, recruiting and hiring tips, and suggestions on working with millennials, who now make up the majority of the workforce for small businesses. Read more.

Thinking Beyond Chocolates

Holidays are the perfect time to attract new customers who are looking for something different. Use this blog post to find unique and fun ideas for Valentine’s Day shoppers, including gourmet popcorn. Read more.

What Grocery Store Owners Need to Know About Selling Gourmet Popcorn

Grocers can see huge profit margins from gourmet popcorn! Learn which equipment is best for your store, get marketing ideas, and find inspiration for how to implement cross-merchandising. Read more.

Set Your Concession Stand Apart

This blog post provides ideas for pairing concession foods with youth sporting events to increase sales. It includes tips on considering time of day and type of customers when choosing which foods to sell at your concession stand. Read more.

What to Consider When Starting a Concession Business

If you’re ready to open your own concession business, this comprehensive post is a must-read. From choosing equipment to planning a menu, finding a supplier, setting prices, and more, this is the place to start your research. Read more.

6 Easy Summer Drink Recipes Your Customers Will Love

It’s never too soon to plan your summer concession menu, and fun frozen drinks should top the list. Get recipes for tasty and creative drinks you can make with your Frusheez® machine and just a few ingredients. Read more.

Putting the “Fun” in Fundraiser with Beer and Popcorn

Looking for different fundraising ideas? Learn from an organizer who thought outside the bake sale box to create a fun event with a beer and popcorn pairing – and raised more than $1,000 for scholarships! Read more.

4 Secrets to Making Money with Concession Drinks

Beverages can be overlooked and underrated at concession stands. Add high-profit drink items to your menu and watch sales soar with these tips. Read more.

Why Prepackaged Snacks Make a Great Concession Stand Food Option

Increase your concession profits with prepackaged snacks! Find ideas beyond the usual candy bars and chips, and discover why prepackaged foods are more convenient, faster, and less wasteful than other options. Read more.

Deck the Halls with Gourmet Popcorn

When the holiday season rolls around again, you’ll be ready with the recommendations in this post. You’ll get inspiration on décor, tips for preparing your staff for the rush, gift package ideas, and more. Read more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this roundup of our best posts from the year, and encourage you to check back frequently for more. Can’t get enough of Gold Medal’s blogs? Browse our Concession Insights while you wait for our next post!