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The Easiest Way For Your Business To Start Using Social Media

Social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are extremely effective marketing tools for any business. They also are easy to use and accounts are available at no cost to businesses and consumers alike. The free use of social media sites adds to the value of these marketing avenues for any business, but especially startup businesses that have a limited marketing budget to work with.

Share Your Blog Posts
If your business has already started posting blog posts on a regular basis, one of the easiest ways to get your content started on your other social media accounts is to start sharing a link to each new blog post on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Many blogging platforms allow you to set up automatic posting to some or all of these social media accounts every time you publish a new blog.

Twitter Makes It Easy
If you aren’t posting regularly to a company blog, then the easiest way to begin getting your company known across social media is to start with Twitter. Since each post is limited to 140 characters, time investment in writing tweets is minimal. In fact, you don’t really have to write tweets at all to start with. Start following other tweeters relevant to your industry and retweeting their best tweets.

You’ll find that the more people and companies that you follow on Twitter, the more that are likely to follow you back. Retweeting their tweets will also gain you favor and followings. Gradually increase your presence on Twitter by adding your own tweets of interesting quotes, funny anecdotes or links to timely posts. Once you have your Twitter account well established, you can move on to Facebook and the other social channels.

Hire It Out to a Pro
One warning about social media to keep in mind: you need to stay active. If you find yourself going days or weeks without posting, hire a virtual assistant or Internet marketing company to make posts for you. For many businesses, hiring someone else to handle this small task can reap greater benefits than the few dollars they save by doing it themselves.