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Why Gourmet Popcorn is Growing in Grocery Stores

Ready-to-eat popcorn has emerged as one of the fastest growing sectors of the snacks market. A host of pre-packaged brands in assorted flavors can now be found competing side-by-side in the aisle with chips, pretzels, and crackers. But what makes

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Beyond Butter: 5 In-Demand Popcorn Flavors

As ready-to-eat popcorn sales top $750 million, it has opened up a huge market demand for gourmet flavors. “Consumers are craving food with taste appeal, a sense of adventure and a decided healthy glow,” says Denise Purcell, editor of Specialty

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3 Questions to Ask About Your Food Selection

With the recent surge of governmental standards, childhood nutrition has become a hot topic in the US. School lunches must now comply with new guidelines. Nutritional information will soon be required to be posted at restaurants, movie theatres and other

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Gold Medal Holds One Sweet Distributors’ Conference

When Gold Medal Products Co. holds its annual Distributors’ Conference, it’s not your typical business meeting. From December 2-4, the fun foods manufacturer packed the halls of the Sharonville Convention Center with popcorn, cotton candy, funnel cakes, Sno-Kones® and more!

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Get Creative with Cheese Corn

Cheese popcorn is an indulgent treat that combines two of America’s favorite foods. Read on to learn why cheese corn is a beloved snack and how to get creative with cheese as a gourmet

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How Popcorn Became One of America’s Favorite Snack Foods

Popcorn is a classic American concession. But have you ever wondered how popcorn became such a popular food? The story of popcorn’s rise to prominence stretches back thousands of years and has many ups and downs, with historical events like

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The History of Kettle Corn

With its light, fluffy texture and delicate combination of sweet and salty, kettle corn might be the world’s most perfect snack. While typically sold at festivals, carnivals, flea markets, and other events, the origins of this fun concession food go back

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The Evolution Of Popcorn Toppings

Although popcorn has been around since approximately 4700 BC, it’s taken on many transformations then, as far as toppings and flavorings are concerned. How did they all end up on one of America’s favorite crunchy snacks? While several countries around

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