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What NOT to Do on Twitter

To tweet or not to tweet? There’s a lot of advice about what to do on Twitter, but equally as important is to understand what to avoid doing. To maximize your potential impact, avoid the following missteps: Too Much Tweeting

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Tweet from the Street

Where do you find concession foods? The fair, fundraisers, amusement parks, food trucks, stadiums, concerts and special occasions. Most are attached to some sort of event. That gives you an increased awareness you can use to your advantage to reach

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Create the Customer Experience with Twitter

Twitter is unique among the social media channels because it is truly real-time interaction. It is conversation-like and prompts your audience to respond in an immediate fashion. You can use this type of communication to engage your customers. And there’s

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Twitter 101 for Concessions

Social media is as diverse as any other form of communication. In order to speak the language, it’s important to understand the different channels and how they can work for you. For the month of July, we’re going to focus

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10 Practical Tips for Promoting Your Event on Facebook

Where will you find the majority of community events? Schools, churches, non-profits or local businesses. And a large portion of the staff is volunteers. They are the ones to take on the responsibility of generating traffic and selling concessions. And

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Can Facebook Ads Work for Concessions?

To successfully navigate Facebook for business purposes, Facebook advertising has become less of an option and more of a necessity. Your goal is to reach your target audience as effectively as you can. And paid advertising will help maximize

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