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Sweet and Salty: Why Fudge and Popcorn Should Be on Your Stock List

Sweet and Salty: Why Fudge and Gourmet Popcorn Should Be on Your Stock List

When you have customers coming into your grocery or retail store looking for something specific, having impulse items like snacks available is a no-brainer. But not all snacks are equal; fudge and gourmet popcorn in particular will give you a significant profit margin, and both are easy to make and sell.

Simply start with a few basic gourmet popcorn supplies and products, such as Gold Medal popcorn and Sweet Selections® wholesale fudge mix. We’ll help you with the rest.

And if you’re considering selling popcorn and/or fudge but haven’t committed yet, consider these key Gold Medal advantages:

  • Easy to Make: When you work with our user-friendly equipment, the process isn’t labor intensive.
  • Attractive Margins: The high perceived value of popcorn and fudge produces profit margins that have a 70-80% average.
  • Popular: With the wide variety of flavors available to you (from caramel corn to vanilla swirl fudge and everything in between), these options help you attract customers.
  • Versatile: There’s a range of set-up options that work for settings from grocery stores to tourist attractions, gift shops, cafés, and more.
  • Unique: You can even make your snacks private-label! Gold Medal offers display and packaging design guidance to walk you through the process with expert advice. Learn specific flavors for fudge and more (start with this Sweet Selections® Recipe download!)

3 More Reasons to Choose Gold Medal Products:

  • Technical Support: Have a question about the equipment? Call/email us at your convenience.
  • One-Stop Shop: Take advantage of the best combination of fudge and popcorn supplies and products. We have everything you need and we’re happy to share our knowledge.
  • Display and Retail Consulting: If you’re new to selling products, let us share advice on how to display your concessions in your space so your work is streamlined and your stand is attractive to customers.

Our team even helps design in-store production layouts for you!

Selling popcorn and fudge is a great way to increase your profits. Note that it’s also easy to mix in an additive such as shake-on flavors for popcorn or candy pieces for fudge to broaden your menu. Having both snacks for sale will allow your customers to satisfy their salty or sweet cravings (and more, depending on the varieties you offer). 

Trust Gold Medal as your source for all the best in gourmet popcorn equipment and supplies. We know the industry and our concession specialists are here to assist you. To schedule a personal profit consultation, contact us at 800-543-0862 today.