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Stand Out with These Fall Fair Food Ideas

Please be advised that due to COVID-19, it is recommended you contact your local and state health departments and government for the most current safety and health guidelines.

This fall, make more sales by tailoring your concession stand to the season! Take advantage of the following concession ideas, which target a broader customer base, as well as Halloween-specific treats.

Ideas for Fall Fair Foods

Fall weather can be unpredictably cool, so be prepared and have hot chocolate available for sale. For an extra touch (and perhaps additional charge), include mini-marshmallows to top it off.

Caramel and candy apples are a must for this time of year. Note that when it comes to apple varieties, Granny smiths are a great choice because their tartness pairs well with the sweet candy coating.

While hot dogs are popular fair foods year-round, offering them at a fall festival gives attendees an easy-to-eat meal option as they walk around and take in the sights. Make your hot dogs even more appealing when you offer toppings such as spicy mayo, BBQ sauce, or honey mustard.

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Halloween Touches

Put your caramel popcorn to work this season and add a special touch with your packaging. A fun way to sell caramel popcorn is to drop it into clear plastic gloves; first, place a dark chocolate Hershey’s kiss (with purple wrapping) into the fingertips, fill with caramel popcorn, then tie it off with a purple ribbon. To keep the lines and popcorn moving, prepare these in advance and have them sitting out where customers can see them.

If that’s too time-consuming, you can always toss a handful of candy corn into each bag of popcorn. If you’re using clear plastic bags, customers will see the extra touch and be enticed to indulge in this Halloween staple.

Another simple way to make your snacks stand out is to lightly press gummy worms into your batch of fresh fudge before it cools. The kids will love this creepy-crawly touch!

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