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Ready or Not? 4 Areas to Address in Your Preseason Prep

Spring is on its way! That means it is time for parks, tourist attractions, swimming pools and other concession stands to start preparing for the upcoming season. To organize your efforts, here are four areas you should focus on to make sure you are ready for a successful season!

Learning – Don’t go into your planning blind. Your first step should be to learn. To begin, take a look at what worked well and what didn’t last season. For example, are there items that performed well? Next, do some research to determine something new or different you could try. Your suppliers should be a resource for you, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Cleaning – Dedicate time to cleaning. A clean atmosphere is inviting to customers, so start fresh. Equipment should be carefully inspected and cleaned. Use just mild detergent and water. For heavier soils or grease, try Watchdog™ Concession Equipment Cleaner.

Training – Your staff is the key to your stand’s success. They should be properly trained on equipment operation and safety. Ask your supplier to conduct the training session and demonstrate each of your machines. Take time to coach your team on customer service skills too. Try role playing to prepare them for different scenarios.

Testing – The best way to prepare is to do a trial run! Produce and sample the product yourself. Was the prep time correct? How does it look? And most importantly, how does it taste? You and your team will feel more confident with this experience. And if any issues do come up, you can address them before your season opens.

You may have other questions as you begin your preparation. We’re happy to help! To consult with one of our concession specialists, please reach out to us via phone 800-543-0862 or email [email protected].