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Plant the Seed of Buying Popcorn Before Your Fundraiser Even Begins

Plant The Seed of Buying Popcorn Before Your Next Fundraiser Even Begins

You probably expect the night of your fundraising event to be a great success with help from concessions such as gourmet popcorn, but did you know that your sales can begin even before the first patron walks through the door? When you include the idea of popcorn in your event marketing, you’re planting the seeds for an even bigger profit.

Fliers, emails, Facebook event pages, and paper invitations can all bring your patrons’ attention to the fact that you’ll have a delicious assortment of gourmet popcorn flavors or colors and any other concessions. Use some free clip art to design your event invitation and/or call out your snacks by name. By planning early, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of all your hard work.

To give you some inspiration, here’s a sample invitation. Use a software program such as PowerPoint to design your own using school colors or your fundraiser theme. Note the verbiage, and use the space you have to concisely announce your event details.

Note that you should point out your school colors and have fun naming your snacks! In this example, we show how a school with purple and gold colors and a camel mascot can play with the invitation.

In addition to fundraiser events, this idea also works for corporate events; the copy can simply be tweaked to be more elegant and subtle, such as “Cash Bar | Fine Fudge | Gourmet Popcorn” at the end of the invitation. Early promotion of your concessions will add to the interest of the event, and have guests looking forward to the fun foods and sweet treats you’ll have to offer. Special treats even have the power to draw a bigger crowd – in addition to the social aspect of attending events, many look forward to indulging in snacks and desserts that aren’t your everyday fare.

Come back to our blog soon for even more fundraiser event ideas and tips for selling more popcorn!

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