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Patriotic Food Ideas for 4th of July

Looking for a way to give your 4th of July menu a burst of star-spangled spirit for the holiday? We have suggestions on how to dress up some of the most popular concession foods. These tips will not only add to the festive experience but also help to boost your profits by generating more impulse sales!

Patriotic Popcorn – There are lots of different ways that you can create red, white and blue popcorn. The simplest way is with GlazePop®! Anyone with a popper can use it. Just add it straight in your kettle for fun flavors like Red Strawberry (#2574) and Blue Raspberry (#2539). Another way is to melt White Chocolate Wafers (#5368), then coat your popcorn and top with red and blue sprinkles. Tie bags closed with patriotic ribbon for an added touch or use a decorative tin to complete the display.

Patriotic Pop Slush – Perfect for 4th of July and other summer celebrations, this tasty combination of cherry, white citrus, and blue raspberry slush is sure to delight your customers. Check out the full recipe here.

Cotton Candy Celebration – Whether you’re at the ballpark or alongside a local parade, cotton candy is a tasty and mobile summertime treat that all ages enjoy! You’ll attract extra attention when you dress it up in red and blue. Use Gold Medal’s Cherry Berry Flossugar (#3207) and Boo Blue Flossugar (#3201).

Swirled Firework Fudge – Eye-catching and appetizing, candy shops, grocery stores, and other attractions can private label their own signature fudge design. Try Vanilla Fudge Mix (#2716) and add in Cherry (#1423) and Blue Raspberry (#1425) Sno-Kone® Concentrate for a splash of color and flavor.

Sno-Kone® Floats – For ice cream shops, swimming pools or parks, here’s a twist on the traditional red, white and blue snow cones. Make it a float by using vanilla ice cream in the center surrounded by a Cherry and Blue Raspberry Sno-Kone® on either side. Use a toothpick flag as a way to top off the presentation.

Red Velvet Funnel Cakes – With a nostalgic taste and deep red color, the Red Velvet Funnel Cake Additive (#2615) will have the crowds lining up! Imagine the reaction when you finish it off with whipped cream and add blue star sprinkles. For festivals, amusement parks and more, it makes an appealing addition.

Fireworks Popcorn – Fireworks highlight every color of the rainbow. Make a multi-colored mix of popcorn by popping up different fruit-flavored glazes, like Banana (#2281), Strawberry (#2285), Green Apple (#2294), Blueberry (#2316) and more! Sell in large, clear branded bags that will showcase the range of colors!

The Fourth of July marks midseason for many concession venues. And it is a prime time to determine how you can generate more sales for your location. Schedule your consultation with one of our concession specialists now so you can make the most of the rest of your peak season. Call 800-543-0862 or email [email protected] today.