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The Sales of a Smile

The other day I was walking my dog when a somewhat poorly-dressed man approached us. Normally, I would have avoided him, or at least tried to hurry past any encounter we might have. But, because the dog is a

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Concession Classics Are Still Profit Packed

It’s easy to look at this photo from the late 1960s/early 70s and only notice how different times are now. Beside the obvious style changes, there aren’t TVs, computers, cell phones, or other distractions in the photos. Just two

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Mix Up Your Marketing For Increased Sales

Have you evaluated your marketing mix lately? True profits come from sales staff on the streets and are backed by memorable marketing efforts. Your community should think of you first for any concession need. Below are a few, easy

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Do Phone Calls Beat Social Media?

Recently, there has been a lot of chatter about the best way to reach your customers. Some claim the speed and instant gratification of Twitter and Facebook are the best way to handle PR and respond to clients. Others

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Now Presenting the 2011 Gold Medal Products Catalog

This week, the 67th edition of our catalog comes out. Every year, we have offered the printed catalog (and recently started adding the online edition) to customers and potential customers alike. Now, I know…many places have nixed the printed version

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Choosing the Right Name for Your Business

Picking the right name for your business can mean the difference between customer confusion and instant, profitable recognition and recollection. Some believe an oddly unique name can be the most memorable. Just remember, if you question it, mostly likely

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Marketing trends for 2011

As we jump into 2011, certain marketing trends will serve us well in the coming year: Social media is here to stay. This is a trend that will definitely continue in 2011. We need to stop thinking about the

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