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Milk, Eggs, and Gourmet Popcorn: The New Grocery Store Shopping List

Milk, Eggs, and Gourmet Popcorn: The New Grocery Store Shopping List | Gold Medal Products

Consider the average grocery store list for a moment. It includes items such as milk, eggs, fruit, bread, chicken, and snacks. While most of this is pretty standard fair, the snacks are what give shoppers endless variety and the indulgence they crave.

This is information that should not be ignored, and if we look closer, we’ll see that ready-to-eat popcorn continues to be one of the fastest growing sectors within the snacks market. Now, grocery stores can respond to this need by offering a fresh alternative with a gourmet popcorn shop. Gourmet popcorn is a natural complement to these product lines. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and isn’t labor intensive. It’s a quality, high-end product that can be produced at very low costs while offering extremely attractive margins of 70-80%.

Expert consumer research from Nielsen shows ready-to-eat popcorn is the top performer in the snacks market. In the last year alone, popped popcorn is up 11%. Consumers enjoy the wide variety of flavors, the affordability, and the convenience.

Here are some tips on how stores can sell more popcorn.

How Grocery Stores Increase Sales Opportunities

• Private label your own gourmet popcorn
• Provide a sensory experience to customers with the delicious aroma, prompting impulse buys
• Sell themed packages as a fun and unique alternative to traditional party trays
• Package it in decorative bags or tins and sell for holidays and other special occasions
• Take advantage of the versatility of gourmet popcorn and provide unique flavors your customers will return for again and again

It should come as no surprise that gourmet popcorn is one of Gold Medal’s most popular product lines. With so many options, including cheese pastes, Glaze Pop®, and shake-on flavors, we make it easy to customize a plan for your location’s needs. To learn more about Gold Medal gourmet popcorn supplies or to schedule a demo, call 800-543-0862 or email us today.