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Making Delicious Fudge Just Got Simpler

For a classic indulgence that will entice your patrons, fudge is the treat that delivers a fulfilling experience. Yet, operators may be skeptical and wonder if the process is labor-intensive or complex. It’s time to debunk that myth. Thanks to the Sweet Selections® Fudge unique 1-STEP mix, creating flavorful fudge has never been easier.

Now, you can tap into the knowledge of Gold Medal’s food technologists as they share special insights that will benefit anyone new to fudge and those who are experienced and looking for new ideas.

  1. Better Butter – To maximize your mixing time, first cut your butter into slices before adding to the mixer. Adding the whole stick will add 2-3 minutes of extra melt time. Plus, you should allow your butter to begin to melt before adding the mix. This makes the mixing process smoother.
  2. Check Your Temp – The key to properly making fudge is to monitor your temperature. 150-160 degrees F is ideal. The Sweet Selections® Fudge Mixer includes a candy thermometer that fits into a specially made hole on the paddle. Note that the hotter the temperature, the more firm the fudge will be.
  3. Expand Your Line of Flavors – It doesn’t have to be intimidating to add more flavor selections to your menu. One option that is super easy is to use the Base Mix and replace 3 oz. of water with 3 oz. of Sno-Kone® concentrate. Some of our favorites are: lime, strawberry and cotton candy.
  4. More Tasty Additions – Think about what you can mix in to add flavor and texture. Walnuts are popular and can be used with chocolate, vanilla or maple fudge. Other suggestions are crushed sandwich cookies for cookies and cream or candy canes for a peppermint seasonal favorite. Typically, you’ll want to use 3-4 cups. You can either use as a topping or embed them by placing the inclusion on your parchment paper and pouring the fudge directly on top.
  5. How to Swirl – This gives your fudge an amazing look that catches the buyer’s eye. Yet, it is actually easy to accomplish. Make your first flavor batch and pour half into each pan. Then make your second batch and quickly pour on top. Use a spatula to pull up the first flavor and make stripes across the pan. Last, use a setter stick to draw lines perpendicular to the stripes and make a swirl pattern. This is a great technique for chocolate strawberry, mint chocolate or orange creamsicle.

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