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Keep Your Sports Lines Moving With These Best Practices

Is your sports concession stand ready for the upcoming season? If you take the time to follow a checklist of a few simple best practices, you’ll be able to keep your lines moving and your sales increasing. Here are some food concession ideas to improve your efficiency.

Concession Equipment

No matter what type of equipment you have, start with a thorough cleaning. This is the number one way to avoid performance issues. Tip: use an ammonia-free cleaner, which will be easier on your equipment.

Have your machine serviced to help prevent any unplanned breakdowns.

Make sure you have essential items on-hand, such as extra blades for the Saratoga Swirls® Fry Cutter or ribbons for cotton candy makers.

Concession Supplies

Stock up on popular flavorings or seasonings (including popcorn flavors in your team’s colors!). You’ll want to order these ahead of time so you don’t run out. Remember non-food essentials like cups, napkins, food trays, cleaning supplies, etc.

With the right supplies, you can even try adding menu items such as Funnel Swirls® or Funnel Fingers™ as an alternative to funnel cakes. It’s a simple twist that will get the attention of your customers.


Make sure all of your staff is trained on the concession equipment and safety precautions. If your team is efficiently working the machines and packaging the food, your lines will keep moving smoothly.

Training should also include the importance of ongoing cleaning throughout the shifts. Note that the condiments/napkins area might not be in your staff’s direct line of vision, so make it a point to have someone periodically tidy up the area.

If you have questions about your Gold Medal concession equipment, supplies, or training, contact us today and we’ll be glad to offer our expertise so you have a successful season.

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