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It’s Not About You. It’s About Your Customers.



Attention Gold Medal dealers… What’s coming between you and your next sale? It might be a matter of perspective. There are differences between business owners and customers. How often do you take time to step to the other side of the counter and see what your customer sees? Give it a try and keep these key areas in mind:

  1. Greeting – First impressions are important. How are your customers greeted? It should be friendly, but not overbearing. Find out if there’s something specific they are interested in. Remember this principle extends beyond your showroom. How are your phone greetings? What about your website? Each one is a vital part of the purchasing process.
  2. Selection – Make sure you have a good variety of product on display. Visuals can be powerfully persuasive. This is particularly true in the concession industry where you can incorporate all the senses. It also helps the customer to see his/her choices when you are comparing and contrasting machines.
  3. Comfort Level – Your environment should be welcoming. Think about how your showroom is laid out. Make it easy to navigate, well lit and clean. Plus, have samples on hand to give your guests a full sensory experience, enjoying the scent of freshly popped popcorn or tasting sweet cotton candy.
  4. Be Approachable – Can a customer ask questions without feeling like they are interrupting? Don’t get too consumed with other tasks. Be aware of the customer. And while you don’t want to hover, you can be proactive by introducing yourself and asking if there are any questions you can answer.
  5. Sales Process – Is it easy to complete the purchase? Don’t make the customer jump through hoops. While you want to be thorough, keep the process flowing. Be very clear, be organized. This is also where you want to consider your inventory and delivery procedures to ensure that they are both timely and efficient.
  6. Resources – If a customer wants more information are you equipped to provide it? Catalogs, flyers and brochures are great assets to have on-hand. Take advantage of what’s available online too with product info, video demos, blog posts, etc. Position yourself as the expert they can rely upon.

Just think of all the places you’re a customer… at the coffee shop, the car dealer, the daycare center, etc. You know how you evaluate the service you receive. Apply those same principles to your concession business.

You can also rely on Gold Medal for practical advice on how to sell concession equipment and supplies. We’re happy to help you improve your customer experience and increase your sales. Contact our concession consultants via email at [email protected] or call 1-800-543-0862 for more information.