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It’s Almost Game Time! Ideas for Your Sports Bar Menu and Atmosphere

Sports bars and restaurants are gearing up for the start of football season early next month. Fans will be gathering in front of the community televisions to cheer, boo, drink, and eat. Speaking of eating, what better complement to beer is there than popcorn? Whether you offer buttered and salted popcorn as a complimentary snack or sell gourmet varieties from your menu, this extra touch will keep football enthusiasts thirsty for your drinks and your atmosphere.

Football Fans Are Ready. Are You?

If you want to get creative with your bar menu and increase customer interest and sales, try pairing gourmet popcorn flavors with specific beer types and foods. One of our popular combinations is bacon and cheddar popcorn with a pale ale and any type of burger. (Curious about other beer pairings? Click here to download our free list.)

Another great way to add atmosphere to your bar is by giving guests a dose of nostalgia. Use one of our old fashioned popcorn machines that has the appeal of an antique with modern functionality. They even come in two different sizes (small/8 oz and medium/12-16 oz) to accommodate the amount that you’ll sell on game days. Having the popcorn popper in sight and actively popping adds to the atmosphere, and the sight and smell also subtly tap into the emotions of your patrons. Because popcorn can be produced at a cost of 25¢, you can afford to either serve it as a courtesy to guests or mark it up and take home profits of 70-80%.

If you don’t already own a Gold Medal popper, it’s easy to buy one from your local Gold Medal dealer or branch. Call today to see how we can help you get your bar set up in time for the football rush, and just for fun, visit our Facebook page and tell us who you’ll be rooting for this season!