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How to Raise the (Popcorn) Bar at Your Holiday Party

Flights of draft beers with popcorn and pretzels

For holiday parties and corporate events, caterers, event planners, and venues seek ideas that are fresh, affordable, and have a “wow” factor. Serving up a popcorn bar with a variety of fresh gourmet popcorn flavors is an easy way to treat guests to a memorable experience and Gold Medal is here to help you make it a success.

Keep reading for holiday or corporate event ideas that will make your popcorn bar extra fun:

  • Include signage that says something along the lines of “Help Yourself to Some Fresh Popcorn!” Use a vintage font, or whatever type of design fits within your corporate event’s theme or culture.
  • Have a popcorn “bartender” who’s dressed in traditional bartender attire and serves the popcorn to your guests, perhaps by flavor request.
  • Speaking of flavor, offer a variety of choices. These can actually go with the theme of your event (see below).
  • Display the various colors and flavors of gourmet popcorn in clear jars to create an enticing visual effect. Make a large batch of white popcorn and a small batch of red and green, then add just enough of the colored popcorn to reflect the holidays.
  • Use traditional red-and-white striped popcorn bags and striped table cloth for the display, or tailor everything to your theme with coordinated colors.
  • Include seasonal touches, such as having pots of poinsettias on or around the popcorn bar. Or, decorate the space with snowmen accessories, such as a top hat, scarf, and gloves.

3 Popular Gourmet Popcorn Flavors for Fun Corporate Party Themes

1. Christmas theme: Use our Corn Treat mix to pop up batches of red and green popcorn.

2. New Year’s theme: The perfect time to break out “confetti corn!” For a fun, multi-colored (and multi-purpose) twist, ask about our Birthday Cake Candy Glaze Corn Treat.

3. Wine Tasting: We’ve matched up the perfect popcorn flavors to go with a variety of wines. Get the free Gold Medal Wine Pairing Guide here.

Note that Glaze Pop® is another great way to add flavors, including chocolate, cherry pink, and red cinnamon!

No matter which of these ideas you go with, it’s a good idea to have fresh popcorn pre-packaged so guests can take home a bag. This extra delight will make the memories of your amazing space and event last a little longer when they enjoy a treat from your event at home.

Trust Gold Medal as your source for all the best in gourmet popcorn equipment and supplies. We know the industry and our concession specialists are here to assist you. To schedule a personal consultation for more corporate event ideas that will delight your guests, contact us at 800-543-0862 today.