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How the Gourmet Popcorn Business Can Boost Your Holiday Retail Sales

How the Gourmet Popcorn Business Can Boost Your Holiday Retail Sales

It’s no secret that there’s an increased number of shoppers who are out and about in local stores, and it’s only natural that they’re going to get hungry while checking off their shopping lists.

The most fulfilling holiday shopping experiences incorporate all of the senses. Gourmet popcorn works well as it has an appealing sight (like red and green varieties), an appetizing smell (try flavors of caramel, cinnamon, or peppermint), an attention-getting sound (the unmistakable pop of fresh popcorn cooking), and yes, especially the satisfying taste (lots of flavors are available; consider offering free samples with coupons).

Since you’ll already have guests coming in to browse your selections of candy, ice cream, or mixed nuts for their holiday parties or as a snack for themselves, it makes sense to sell gourmet popcorn in your store.

Salty snacks, including popcorn, recently brought in $27,723,199,319 in annual retail sales.
(Source: Nielsen)

Consider tried-and-true flavors such as caramel popcorn and kettle corn, or surprise your patrons and offer a unique savory flavor such as Buffalo Blue Cheese. Let’s take a look at the numbers to see how gourmet popcorn pays off:

Kettle Corn Profit Per Serving
Cost (product and packaging) = $.52
Retail price = $2.99
Profit = $2.47 per serving!

When you offer popcorn in your store, you have the option of selling it as a grab-and-go snack with a display near the cash registers and/or of selling it in tins to be given as a gift (encourage the idea of “one for you, one for a friend”). You can also offer popcorn trays and holiday party platters for sale. Feature suggested flavor pairings with wines or other foods to create special package deals. (Click here to browse essential gourmet popcorn supplies.)

People love to satisfy their senses, and the smell alone of hot, buttery popcorn is one that will draw their attention to your display. To learn more about how to succeed in the popcorn business, download our free “Top-Performing Snacks – Gourmet Popcorn & Fudge” guide and call one of our specialists today.