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How concessions are profitable, recession-proof

It’s easy to think that treats such as snow cones, caramel corn, and hot pretzels won’t sell in a down economy. The truth is, although people are spending their money a little wiser, they still make a budget for fun, and fun includes great food.

When people venture to the movie theatre, they prepare to spend at least $2-$5 for sweet treats and salty snacks. On the flip side, a $2.00 bag of caramel corn only costs the seller $0.25!

Of course, movie theatres aren’t the only places selling popcorn and cotton candy, think about all of the places concession stand food is necessary. Parks are a great example. Whether it’s an amusement park or a theme park, your concession stand will get business.

In some parks, there is no other option for food. Since competition is low, people will wait in lines, and purchase the food you offer. That’s not to say park the cart in a high traffic area and throw business ethics to the wind. It’s more about learning where you can make the most profit, no matter what the economy is like.

Fairs are also great for concession stands, even during a recession. People look forward to their city fair, since it only comes once each year. Chances are, they’re going to the fair for the food; they’re prepared to pay for unique treats they might not get during the rest of the year.

Shopping malls is also another option. While people might not be hitting the shopping mall quite as often during a down economy, the concession stand will be the most affordable option in the mall when it comes to snacks and meal options. With the aroma of your freshly popped caramel corn wafting through the mall, you’re a sure seller.

Don’t get discouraged when it comes to the world’s money troubles. Businesses can succeed, and luckily, people always want to have fun and enjoy great food while doing so.