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Kick Up the Flavor with Hot and Spicy Foods

7 Hot and Spicy Seasonings

It’s time to get fired up with flavor! The category of hot and spicy foods is one of the more popular flavor trends. Demographically, 59% of consumers aged 18-34 prefer very spicy foods. (Source: Technomic, 2019) Whether you’re flavoring popcorn, wings, French fries, or other menu items, adding some heat can attract customers’ attention. From global cuisine to classic favorites, get creative with your offerings and find the seasoning that’s the best fit for your audience.

buffalo breath wings

Buffalo Breath

A mix of garlic, onion, paprika, and cayenne pepper, the traditional Buffalo Breath flavor is tangy and hot. It can be used for dry rubs or making sauces. Made famous by wings, it can also be used as a shake-on flavor for popcorn, fries, and even salads! For a complementary flavor combo, try mixing Buffalo Breath popcorn with Ranch popcorn. Delicious!

cajun seasoning on corn with slices of lime


If you love Cajun cuisine, this seasoning captures that classic flavor. Staying true to the New Orleans flair, it’s a unique blend of spices and seasonings that’s probably best known thanks to jambalaya. Cajun Seasoning can be added to popcorn, seafood, chicken, or burgers. It’s also a flavorful way to spice up this Street Corn recipe.


Hot Jalapeño

Not just hot, it’s very hot! Not for the faint of heart, this Hot Jalapeño flavor is known for bringing the hottest level of heat. It is one of the most popular spicy flavors. Shake onto popcorn, street corn, or into nacho cheese. Or for the ultimate spicy burger, pair with pepper jack cheese!

hot pepper pop crinkle-cut french fries

Hot Pepper Pop

Pepper lovers will be back for more with this hot and spicy sensation! Created with a mix of peppers for big and bold flavor, Hot Pepper Pop makes a great addition to your favorite recipes. Use it to flavor up popcorn, wings, fries, chili, and more.


Bold, exotic, and distinctive, Wasabi is also known as Japanese horseradish. This spicy green condiment has a kick that will definitely open up your nasal passages. It was made popular as a sushi seasoning, yet it can be expanded for use with popcorn, nuts, fries, and more. Shake on the seasoning or make it into a paste by adding water.

ghost pepper flavacol red popcorn with peppers in the background

Ghost Pepper Flavacol

It’s the burst of heat your tastebuds will crave! For flavor comparison, it is hotter than Tabasco sauce or jalapeño peppers. Ghost Pepper Flavacol may be primarily made for seasoning popcorn, but there are plenty of other ways you can use it. Spicy Aztec Chocolate Fudge is a mix of sweet and heat. Or try a refreshing drink with our Spicy Mango Mocktail recipe. In cooler weather, Chili Cinnamon Hot Chocolate can be the perfect way to warm up.

5 Alarm Blazen

So hot and spicy, yet so addicting! This 5 Alarm Blazen oil can be easily added to cheese, buttery popcorn topping, or popcorn oil. Or just spray directly onto your finished product. Recommended application is one ounce per cup. The vivid color is a great visual for the red-hot taste. Try with popcorn, nuts, Saratoga Swirls, corn dogs, nacho cheese, and more!



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