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Hometown Favorites Can Be a Hit!


Your next winning flavor combination might be closer than you think! Consumers are looking for flavors that are unique to their local area. It’s a way to make the experience personalized and give the customer something they can’t get just anywhere.

We are already seeing this trend popping up in different venues across the country. Stadiums are adopting this philosophy on a fairly large scale. reports, “Stadiums (are) relying more upon locally sourced concessions to drive fan attendance.” This is driving menu selections from sandwiches, hot dogs and burgers to entrees and desserts.

No matter what the size and scope of your concession business, there are ways you can experiment with local flavors. Popcorn is one of the most versatile foods. When it comes to customizing flavors, you can try sweet, salty or savory varieties. Partner with a local establishment to create your own specialty.

First, think of what flavors are unique to your area. For example, Philadelphia is known for the Philly Cheese Steak. Or New York is known for cheesecake. Then consider what businesses are popular for those foods. Team up and formulate an exclusive popcorn flavor

In Cincinnati, Ohio, there are a number of foods with a local connection that would lend themselves well as popcorn flavors.

Just Pop In, a gourmet popcorn business in Indianapolis, has been very successful at creating new flavors via locally based relationships. They’ve worked with the Indy 500 racing community through a partnership with Jeffrey Mark Motorsports and developed what they call the “Sweet & Speedy” blend. In addition, a specialty flavor called “Dark Chocolate Osiris Popcorn” was created in conjunction with Sun-King Brewery. (To learn more, click here to watch a brief video on their website.)

The possibilities are limitless and so is the profit potential. Gold Medal offers a wide assortment of flavors for popcorn from cheese pastes to glazes to shake-ons. Let us help you find your next winning flavor combination. Contact our concession specialists at 800-543-0862 or via email at [email protected].