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Growing Market for Beer, Wine and Popcorn

Breweries and wineries are emerging as hot spots for casual get-togethers, tastings and even events like weddings. Both are experiencing significant growth. Time reports that America has a record-high 5,000 plus breweries. With the recent surge of craft beers, this segment has exploded. And experts believe it has not peaked yet. As of 2016, wineries experienced a five percent increase, reaching a total of over 8,700 locations in the U.S., as reported by Wine Business Monthly. With this type of growth, breweries and wineries will be looking for ways to establish a competitive advantage.

As these venues attract the crowds, inevitably the question of food will emerge. Feeding patrons will cause them to stay longer and in turn, they will also drink more. Yet, many of these locations can’t be burdened by the cost or complexity of launching a full foodservice venue. There is a compromise. Popcorn and other concession foods offer the perfect pairing that gets the results and the profits that owners and operators need.

The largest opportunity for both breweries and wineries lies with gourmet popcorn. The wide range of flavors offers something for every palette and is suitable for pairings. For example, an IPA is compatible with sweet desserts like caramel corn. And a merlot will go nicely with a sharp white cheddar. Low costs and low labor mean production is practical. And with multiple set-up options, it a great fit for any sized location. Plus, tasting events become even more engaging when coupled with unique popcorn flavors. Give guests something new to explore and sell prepackaged bags they can take home.

Other concession selections that breweries may want to take advantage of are: soft pretzels and nachos. The Meister Bake® Pretzel line does not require refrigeration and can be eaten straight from the package, so it offers convenience and simplicity to operators. Also, nachos are very popular and versatile. Packaged in Portion Pak containers for both chips and cheese, it is an easy snack to serve. With options that involve no prep, breweries are able to satisfy customers without dedicating a lot of staff or time.

Wineries are best suited for gourmet popcorn, but there are other items that can be added for further enhancement of the experience. Roasted nuts are a wine-friendly addition that works well with cheeses also. It is one of the types of foods that is easy to experiment with varying flavor combinations. For dessert lovers, you can’t go wrong with wine and fudge. From caramels to chocolates and even fruity varieties, there are complementary pairings that can add to your experience. It is particularly fitting during the holiday season and would make an ideal gift basket.

Yes, there are plenty of ways that food can be used to enhance your business! Let Gold Medal concession specialists show you how with our state-of-the-art concession equipment and supplies. Ask for your no-obligation consultation by contacting us today at 800-543-0862 or emailing [email protected].