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Getting Started with Kettle Corn

Getting Started with Kettle Corn | Kettle Corn Equipment

When you think of gourmet popcorn, does one specific flavor come to mind, such as kettle corn? If so, it might be time to branch out and explore the varieties available for you to sell to customers who are increasingly looking for unique snack options. In today’s post, we’ll share with you the directions for making kettle corn, plus four other options that will inspire your menu to evolve in creative new (and profitable) ways.

In short, to make gourmet popcorn you can start with basic popcorn that’s freshly popped, then add natural flavors and spices. If you sell large quantities, use kettle corn equipment specifically; these machines allow you to prepare the kettle corn at a lower temperature than regular popcorn, which prevents the sugar from burning. Tip: Do a taste-test before selling the gourmet popcorn so you can answer questions about the flavors and make suggestions based on what your patrons might like.

Kettle Corn Directions (for an 8-oz kettle):

  1. Use the #2845 MegaPop® Glaze Popcorn/Oil Kit with White Coconut Oil (for 8-oz kettle)
  2. Wait about 45 seconds to 1 minute, and then add 5 to 5.5 oz Pappy’s Mix (in the ratio of 2/3 Pappy’s Mix to 1-part corn.)
  3. Once it’s finished popping, dump the kettle and lightly salt the corn.

Don’t have a kettle corn popper? You can still make kettle corn in any Gold Medal popcorn popper if you use our #2538 Pop-N-Glaze™ Sweet Corn Mix. Pop-N-Glaze™ coats the corn with a clear, sugary glaze, and works in any kettle. Just add 3 ounces of glaze for 6-ounce kettles to get that tasty, sweet crunch.

As with gourmet popcorn, take your basic kettle corn recipe and then experiment. Test any flavors/combinations with kettle corn for another twist on this similar product, and get twice as much bang for the same supplies you already have on hand. Other favorite popcorn flavors include Glaze Pop®, Candy Glaze Flavors, Shake-On Savory Flavors, and Cheese Pastes. Each of these options gives you an easy way to broaden your menu, allowing your customers to try new flavors that will have them coming back for return visits.

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