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Get Creative with Cheese Corn

Cheese Popcorn

Cheese popcorn is an indulgent treat that combines two of America’s favorite foods. Read on to learn why cheese corn is a beloved snack and how to get creative with cheese as a gourmet popcorn topping.

The big cheese
It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t love cheese. Cheese is rich and savory, while also possessing a sharp and tangy kick. Cheese is an ingredient in many foods, and appears in a multitude of forms–melted, shredded, and even powdered, being just a few. Cheese takes foods to the next level of savory deliciousness, turning, for example, a hamburger into a cheeseburger or plain pasta into a full meal.

Cheese is a favorite flavoring for crunchy snack foods such as chips, as the combination of crunchy and cheesy makes for an incredibly addictive snack that is intensely satisfying and filling in its richness.

A winning combination
Popcorn has a fluffy yet crunchy texture with a smooth, buttery finish. Unseasoned popcorn has a mild taste, making it a perfect canvas on which to paint any of hundreds of possible flavor combinations, ranging from sweet to spicy. Adding cheese flavorings to popcorn turns popcorn into savory snack powerhouse that is nearly impossible to put down.

A world of possibilities
You might think of cheese popcorn as a delicious snack food, but actually, it is many different snacks. This is because there are multiple types of cheese as well as many additional flavorings you can use to augment the flavor of cheese corn. For instance, you can make cheddar cheese popcorn, which has a distinct, classic taste, or white cheese popcorn, which has a smoother, richer taste. There is also spicy cheese popcorn, for those who want an extra hot kick to intensify their snacking pleasure.

Pizza, bacon & cheese, nacho cheese, jalapeño cheese, and garlic parmesan are just a few of the many other savory popcorn flavorings you can use to make unique and tasty cheese popcorn. Or, combine cheese corn with caramel corn (making what is known as a Chicago-style mix) for a delightful collision of salty and sweet flavors.

Learn how to make cheese corn with Gold Medal Products ingredients and machines and you’ll have hungry customers lining up to try your mouthwatering cheese corn combinations.