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End-of-Season Checklist for Football Concession Stands

Football Concession Stand End-of-Season Checklist

The school football season just rushes by, and seems like it's over as soon as it begins: the fall high school football season just rushes by. After all your preparation and hard work running the football concession stand this year, it’s suddenly time to wind down. So what’s the best way to end the season? Here’s an easy, comprehensive end-of-season checklist for wrapping up concession stand operations.

fans at high schoold football game one woman holds a bag of popcorn.

Offer Discounted Concessions

For the last two or three games of the season, offer significant discounts on your food based on how much is left in your inventory. Use these sales as a way to show appreciation to fans and also to use up concession supplies to avoid waste at the end of the season. With the high margins of concession food, even selling at a deep discount will turn a profit for your snack stand. And selling an item for less is always better than not selling it at all!

Clean Up

Do a thorough cleaning of all your concession equipment as well as your entire space. Examine equipment for any problems and make a note of any repairs or replacements needed. Schedule service and order new parts or machines now – don’t wait until next year. Leave the concession stand spotless for the startup of spring sports.

Take Inventory

Before closing down your football concession stand for the season, store or dispose of unused concession supplies. Check all dates carefully – some unopened supplies have a long shelf life and can be saved to use next season. For those that can’t, get creative instead of tossing them. Find some inspiration on what you can do with unused supplies.

Make It a Team Effort

Debrief with your whole team. Get everyone together in one place and discuss the positive and negative experiences of running the concession stand. What were customers’ reactions to newly introduced menu items or price changes? Were there common issues or complaints? How successful were you at anticipating volume and stocking? Brainstorm strategies to make it easier next year and document everything while it’s fresh in your mind.

Girl recieves french fries from food truck at high school football game.

Say Thanks

Show appreciation for your concession stand volunteers and thank them for their hard work during the football season. This should be separate from the debriefing meeting – it shouldn’t feel like more work. But also be respectful of everyone’s time; they have fulfilled their commitment to you, so don’t require a lot more just to say thanks. If there’s room in the budget, donuts or pizza are appreciated, or simply a handwritten card with a personal message about how each individual contributed will mean a lot.

Take Time for Yourself

Give yourself a break! You’ve worked hard all season and now it’s time to step back and enjoy the holidays with your family. There will be plenty of work waiting for you when you run the football concession stand again next year!


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