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Do-It-Yourself: Sno-Kone® Ornaments


Sweeten your holiday with this tasty treat! Simple-to-make Sno-Kone® ornaments will add just the right flavor to your holiday decorations. Plus, they’re great for year-round displays too! Here are the step-by-step instructions:


Items Needed:

  • Empty Plastic Ornament
  • Paper Sno-Kone® Cup
  • Foil Confetti (color of your choice)
  • Super Glue
  • Funnel or a piece of paper wrapped in a funnel shape
  • A straw (for pushing confetti through funnel)


  1. Remove the top of the ornament (it should just pull off) and using your funnel fill the ornament with the confetti. The confetti will not fall through easily, and will need to be pushed through with something else. We’ve found that a spoon straw works great! It may be helpful to have someone hold the ornament and funnel as it is being dumped in. If you do not have anyone available to help you try sitting the ornament in a cup; it makes it a little easier to hold funnel in place.


  1. After the ornament is filled, put the top back on. Then position the ornament to be as centered as possible on the Sno-Kone® cup. Place a very thin layer of super glue around the edge of the cup where it touches the ornament. This should dry clear and will be barely noticeable.


  1. Find somewhere to sit the cup upright for the glue to dry.


  1. Enjoy on your Christmas Tree!