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Cash In on Big Holiday Sales
Cash In on Big Holiday Sales

It’s that time of year again. Everyone has turkey, decorating, and shopping on the brain. America is obsessed with getting the best deal and hunting for an easy to find, unique gift. It’s possible to make 20% or more of your yearly sales in just a few weeks.

Families also splurge at holiday times, typically buying more in 2 months than previous 10 months combined. A
research report conducted by ShopperTrak revealed that total sales for Black Friday rose 0.3% over last year to $10.7 billion, while customer traffic increased 2.2%.

If you haven’t already started, now is the time to cash in on the spending. Consider some of these profit-packed options.

  • Theme or Localize Your Holiday Promotions—Don’t just tell customers what you have; mass marketers will beat you every time in ad dollars. Focus on what sets you apart from other businesses, who you are, and why they should buy local.
  • Gifts for Every Budget—Entice customers with a range of prices with teaser deals and packages. Promote the price range or “prices starting at…” in your marketing.
  • Host Your Own Event—Have “power hours,” Secret Santa Days, or Black Friday sales.
  • Impulse Buys—Be sure to re-organize your display room/store to encourage impulse buys.
    Pre-packaged items are great stocking stuffers or quick gifts for co-workers, friends, and associates like stylists or mail carriers. Sell mouth-watering caramel corncotton candynachos, peanuts, or pretzels.
  • Direct and E-Mail Marketing—The holidays are the best time to reach out to lapsed customers or those who expressed interest but haven’t bought yet.
  • Send Out Coupons–Create the call to action with limited-time only deals.
  • Stagger Your Holiday Deals—Don’t give it all away at once. Plan specials to get customers back during the holiday months and afterward.
  • Gift Cards for Supplies—Boost post-holiday sales with optional gift cards for later supply sales.
  • Don’t Stop with the Holidays—People plan parties year-round. Create Super Bowl deals, international markets can focus on Boxing Day specials, Valentine’s Day “sweetheart deals,” and so much more!