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Benefits of Having a Business Attorney for Your Small Business

Many people view attorneys as professionals you only call when you are need legal documents, or worse, are in legal trouble. However, a business attorney should be looked at as a partner in your business, similar to your accountant or bank account manager. Yes, they are needed for many legal aspects of your business but they can also be beneficial to help your business grow and succeed.

Ounce Of Prevention

Owning a business has risks and the are many ways to get in a legal and financial bind if you are not well-informed. From start-ups to tenured businesses, an attorney can ensure that you are protected against legal issues. Just as a physician can help keep you on track to being healthy, a business attorney can help keep your business out of legal and financial hot water.

From deciding what business structure is best for your company to creating contracts without loopholes, a business attorney is there to protect your business. Many legal issues that occur in the business world, from IRS issues to consumer litigation, can be averted with preventive legal measures. Your attorney can point you in the right direction and give you the tools to avoid potential problems that could ruin your business.

Trusted Advisers

Beyond keeping your business out of legal trouble and being there if any arises, your business attorney can also be there to advise you on how fee for certain services, however consider setting aside a monthly or quarterly block of time to meet with your attorney to discuss your business. These preemptive meetings can save you money in the long run. By having an attorney that is an active participant in the development of your business, they can help you identify and overcome any legal troubles that may be hurdles to your business’ success.