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Add Some Spirit to Your Sales with Colored Popcorn

Remember the thrill of eating brightly colored treats as a kid? Whether it was a blueberry-colored shaved ice at the fair or a bubblegum-pink cupcake at a birthday party, there was just something exciting and special about getting to enjoy a colorful snack. While today, we know that food coloring is responsible for those fun colors, we still associate colorful foods with special occasions and fantastic flavors.

Food coloring is a safe way to make food fun. As a popcorn concessionaire, you should definitely consider offering colored popcorn for holidays or special occasions. Think red or pink popcorn for Valentine’s Day, green popcorn for St. Patrick’s Day, or mixed colors to represent team colors at a high school, college or national sports team game.

With the right products, colored popcorn is super easy to make. One way to make colored popcorn is to simply use Color-Popcorn salt instead of regular salt. This will provide a fun color to the popcorn without changing the flavor. You can also produce a wide variety of popcorn colors and flavors using Corn Treats Mixes.

Sometimes, you may wish to use the above Gold Medal Products popcorn colorings to provide color only. For example, you might want to use plain-flavored Color Popcorn salt or Corn Treats Color-Only to make an orange-and-green Miami Dolphins popcorn mix or some orange-and-black Cincinnati Bengals popcorn. Alternatively, you can add flavored Corn Treat Mixes to create popcorn that is both colored and flavored, such as red raspberry popcorn or green apple popcorn.

Besides plain and sweet flavors, colored popcorn can also be savory. Some ideas for savory colored popcorn include spicy-red and white cheddar popcorn to cheer on the Cincinnati Reds, or orange nacho cheese popcorn served in black bags for Halloween. Use Gold Medal Popcorn Co.’s Savory Shake Mixes, Alarm Blazen additive, and Cheddar Pure Gold mix to make savory and colorful popcorn.

Some approaching events that you might think about making colored popcorn mixes for include upcoming college football championship games and the 2013 Super Bowl! Local sports games and holiday fairs and festivals are also great opportunities to serve colored popcorn.

Whatever the occasion, use colored popcorn to help customers get into a festive spirit, and they’ll reward you by brightening your sales!