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A Secret to the Upsell: Keeping it on Kid Level
A Secret to the Upsell: Keeping it on Kid Level

Recently, I was fortunate to sit in on the amazing Larry Etter’s certification class for becoming an Accredited Concession Specialist. Although he taught it on behalf of the National Association of Concessionaires (NAC), the lessons applied to any savvy sales person.

One of the most interesting takeaways was about packaging and general presentation. Mr. Etter showed us these cute little cup toppers that spoke to the kid in me. I also immediately thought how my own son would beg for them if he saw them at the movies. They were less than $2, but you had to add them to a meal package. It’s an instant, silent upsell and all it would take was putting them at the right eye level for kids.

This also is a method employed by marketing giant Disney. They “target” children to create lifelong Disney fans. For example, the housekeeping staff creates fun, memorable decorations daily with towels in park guest rooms. There are countless hidden treasures in the parks meant only for children—like the secret crown in the mural near Cinderella’s Castle that’s only viewed from a child’s height.

Or, think about product placement in grocery or pharmacy stores. I went in to a drug store for one thing for my sick, newborn daughter and also came out with a swirly, purple, bouncy ball because it helped speed up the trip with my impatient 2½-year-old son. They were all right there when you walked in just begging to be purchased.

So the moral of the story is: Placement and packaging are everything! As our wise Chairman J.C. Evans says, “The Flash is What Gets the Cash.”