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5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Boost Your Snack Bar Business

Finding new ways to grow your business can be an overwhelming responsibility. Where do you invest your time, money and energy? The good news is the answers don’t have to be complicated or costly.


  • Shake It Up – Savory Shakes are the simplest option for those who’d like to add flavor to their popcorn. Available in 23 flavor mixes, you can create a self-service bar where customers add the seasoning to their own popcorn. Or, if you want more control, you can also pop in batches.
  • Make Flavor Pop – If you’d like to venture into sweet glazed popcorn, GlazePop® is right for you. You simply add the mix into your kettle with your corn and oil. This is a great introduction into the world of gourmet popcorn.
  • Add a Little Attitude – For Sno-Kones® and Shave Ice, there are so many syrups you have your choice of a multitude of flavor combinations. But even if you have only a few flavors, there’s an easy way to get more bang for your buck. Most syrups are sweet, so you can expand your menu with sour flavors. Just add a shot of Sour Attitude to give a sour kick to any flavor.
  • New Twists – Reimagine a current menu item to breathe new life into sales. Transform funnel cakes into a portable finger food with Funnel Fingers™. Nachos and hot dogs can be upsold when coupled with chili. Mix ice cream with Sno-Kones® to make a special frozen sweet treat.
  • Fresh Presentation – Think about what you can do to improve perceived value. One example is to add a jumbo size. Not only do you sell more product, it is literally a walking advertisement for your stand. For drinks, you may try introducing a souvenir cup. You can also encourage combo purchases by using food trays that pair drinks with popcorn and candy.

While you invest in your business, we’re invested in you. We’re happy to explain more innovative ways that you can add sales. For a personal consultation, please contact Gold Medal via email at or call 1-800-543-0862.