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4 Ways to Offer Safety and Smiles When Reopening

4 Ways to Offer Safety and Smiles When Reopening


As you prepare to reopen your business, venue, or school, Gold Medal offers a variety of items to help you do so safely and confidently. From social distancing barriers and hand sanitizers to prepackaged snacks, Gold Medal is here to assist you.
Gold Medal's Standard Rolling Barriers

Social Distancing

As social distancing becomes a normal part of our day-to-day operations, stores, offices, schools, and other venues need a way to maintain physical separation. Gold Medal’s Standard Rolling Barriers have been designed to help accommodate any space’s needs. Lightweight and easily movable with swivel casters, these barriers offer convenience and portability. The panels are clear to provide excellent visibility. Two versions are available: a solid barrier and one with a cutout and shelf, ideal for ticket takers or other interactive applications. A Countertop Barrier Stand with Cutout will also be coming soon.

Gold Medal's Hand Sanitizers

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are one of the primary lines of defense. The CDC recommends an alcohol-based hand rub with greater than 60% ethanol or 70% isopropanol. Gold Medal’s FDA-approved and WHO-recommended formula is made with 80% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, and hydrogen peroxide. No scent, perfume, or fragrance added. Made in the USA, Gold Medal’s Liquid Hand Sanitizer Line includes the following sizes: 1.89-oz pocket-sized, 4-oz with pump, 8-oz spray bottle, 16-oz bottle, quart, and gallon.

Gold Medal Touchless Commercial Hand Sanitizing Dispenser

Hand Sanitizer Station and Dispenser

Help keep your guests’, employees’, and students’ hands clean with a hand sanitizing station or automated dispenser. The Gold Medal Touchless Commercial Hand Sanitizing Dispenser is an automated, high-speed, large capacity hand sanitizer dispenser. This stainless-steel constructed dispenser can operate by auto-detecting the presence of a hand or manually using a push button and can hold up to four gallons of hand sanitizer. Built for theaters, grocery stores, amusement parks, office building and other large outdoor and indoor venues with high foot traffic, this machine will show customers and guests that their health and safety is the top priority. 

The Mobile Hand Sanitizing Station is a stand-alone, easy-to-move hand sanitizer station. This free-standing dispensing station requires no power to operate, you simply pump and go. With the ability to hold up to four 1-gallon jugs and four 16-oz bottles of hand sanitizer, refilling will be less frequent and a breeze. Simply swap out the jug or bottle and go. 

Hand Sanitizer is sold separately for both units and when purchasing any of Gold Medal’s Hand Sanitizing Stations or Dispensers, please refer to the appropriate IFC and/or NFPA standards and consult with your local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) before purchasing.

Prepackaged Concession Foods

Keep ‘em Smiling

Hand out the smiles and keep things safe, fresh, and easy with Gold Medal’s prepackaged snacks and food packaging supplies. Whether you are looking to purchase prepackaged items or package your own, Gold Medal has everything you need. Learn more about why prepackaged concession foods are right for you or quickly browse through our prepackaged foods and supplies for items like cotton candy, caramel corn, and pretzels to super saver bags, tubs, and sealers, and more!


To come back strong, it is vital to consider the entire picture and experience your guests, customers and employees will encounter. Let Gold Medal help complete the picture. Find your local Gold Medal dealer or contact our corporate office at 800-543-0862 or [email protected].