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17 Ways to Pop for 2017

There isn’t a snack out there that delivers flavor variety like gourmet popcorn! With countless flavor combinations, you’ll find something to satisfy every craving. In honor of National Popcorn Day, we are highlighting 17 of our favorite flavors. Make it your goal to try them all this year!

  1. Birthday Cake – What’s a better way to celebrate any occasion than with cake? Topped with sprinkles, this flavor is a party! (Item #2439 – Birthday Cake Candy Glaze)
  2. Sriracha – It’s one of the hottest trending flavors in popularity and in taste! Red hot and garlic combine for a surge of spice. (Item #2517 – Sriracha Shake-On Seasoning)
  3. Caramel & Cheese Corn – It’s a feast for your taste buds when you combine the sweetness of caramel with savory cheese corn. (Item #2694 – Caramel Old Fashion Corn Treat Concentrate Mix; Item #2328 – Premium Cheddar Pure Gold® Cheese Corn Paste)
  4. Honey Mustard – Zesty, sweet and delicious to eat, this favorite condiment brings together a medley of deliciousness. This blend does not contain Yellow #5. (Item #2376 – Honey Mustard Shake-On Seasoning)
  5. Chocolate – There’s no easier way to bring rich chocolate flavor and popcorn together than with Glaze Pop®! Just pop it by adding the mix to your kettle with your corn and oil. (Item #2523 – Chocolate Glaze Pop®)
  6. Mediterranean Herb – New for 2017, this unique flavor combination captures the essence of the region with garlic, basil, rosemary and other seasonings. (Item #2658 – Mediterranean Herb Shake-On Seasoning)
  7. Red Hot Cinnamon – For a candy-flavored burst of red hot cinnamon, you can’t beat the heat of this popcorn glaze. (Item #2526 – Red Hot Cinnamon Glaze Pop®)
  8. Clean Label Cheddar – You can be health-conscious without sacrificing taste with this cheddar flavor that’s produced with no partially hydrogenated oils, artificial colors or flavors. (Item #2617 – Clean Label Cheddar Paste)
  9. Vanilla Latte – Enjoy the fresh-brewed taste of vanilla latte anytime! The refined and not-too-sweet flavor makes this one a hit with coffee drinkers. (Item #2659 – Vanilla Latte Glaze Pop®)
  10. Bacon – One of the most-loved flavors of all time, bacon is an addition that’s guaranteed to attract attention. (Item #2377 – Bacon Shake-On Seasoning)
  11. Lemon Pound Cake – Make popcorn a part of dessert when you indulge in the inviting flavor of lemon pound cake. (Item #2474 – Lemon Pound Cake Shake-On Seasoning)
  12. Cincinnati Style Chili – A signature recipe that Cincinnati is known for, this chili flavor mixes in hints of cinnamon, chocolate, onion and mustard for a must-taste combination. (Item #2473 – Cincinnati Style Chili Shake-On Seasoning)
  13. Churro – Churros or Mexican Fritters are a light, flakey pastry coated in cinnamon and sugar. As a popcorn seasoning, this sweet treat will be an instant fave. (Item #2480 – Churro Shake-On Seasoning)
  14. Ghost Pepper – Can you take the heat? This bold flavor will excite you as you encounter one of the world’s hottest peppers in this invigorating seasoning. (Item #2482 – Ghost Pepper Flavacol®)
  15. Colorful Fruit Mix – When just one flavor won’t do, you’ve got to try a rainbow of tastes when you combine these fruity sensations. (Item #2294 – Green Apple Candy Glaze; Item #2290 – Blue Raspberry Candy Glaze; Item #2287 Black Cherry Candy Glaze; Item #2288 Orange Candy Glaze)
  16. Wasabi – Horseradish and mustard flavors meet in this international favorite from Japan. Unlike anything else you’ve tasted, this flavor is not only eye-opening, but also may open your nasal passages. (Item #2434 – Wasabi Shake-On Seasoning)
  17. Kettle Corn – Enjoy the classic that brings together salty and sweet in one irresistible flavor combination. (Item #2545 – Pappy’s Kettle Corn Mix)

Delicious and highly profitable, there are many more flavors of popcorn just waiting for you to explore! If you would like to create your own menu of unforgettable tastes, schedule a consultation with one of our concession specialists and ask about samples. Call us direct at 800-543-0862 or via email at [email protected].