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10 Practical Tips for Promoting Your Event on Facebook


Where will you find the majority of community events? Schools, churches, non-profits or local businesses. And a large portion of the staff is volunteers. They are the ones to take on the responsibility of generating traffic and selling concessions. And when used effectively, social media can be one of their greatest allies. Here are ten practical tips on how to use Facebook to your advantage:

  1. Set up an Event page on Facebook – This feature gives you a hub where you can post information about your event. Fans can even RSVP and share the event with their friends.
  2. Make it a team effort – When social media is a cooperative effort, you can accomplish more. Put together a team of trusted individuals who can help with posting content. Plus, encourage individuals within your network to be active by liking, sharing and commenting on posts.
  3. Try Coupons – Reward your followers with special offers in conjunction with your event. Maybe a “Buy 1, Get 1 Free” deal for popcorn. Concessions are a major money-maker so it’s important to use Facebook to help drive traffic there.
  4. Post photos – Do you have photos from last year’s event? If so, include them into your posts. People are very visual and this helps them envision being there.
  5. Incorporate video – Even more powerful than photos is video. Combine photos and music to create a video montage. Make a testimonial video from individuals who’ve attended before. Or do a sneak peak with teasers about what they can expect.
  6. Make a countdown – A countdown gives your fans something to follow on a daily basis. It can be a simple graphic with the text “10 days until…” And you can use an image of something from the event. (Example: a bounce house; food; games; music, etc.) These are also great for sharing.
  7. Use a hashtag – Hashtags are now being used across different social media channels including Facebook. Create a short one for your event and encourage your followers to post with it. It’s a fun way to track the conversation before, during and after the event.
  8. Create an ad – In order to attract people outside of your existing network, a Facebook ad can help. You can target using geography and other demographics or interests. Plus, they’re very affordable, as little as $5 per day.
  9. Connect via email – If you’ve got an email list, use it to push individuals to your Facebook page. Put a link directly to your event page and include text to motivate your readers to like and share your page.
  10. Promote via print – Use your posters, flyers and other printed materials to direct to Facebook for more information. Keep in mind, you not only want to grow your followers but also create an environment for them to engage with your organization.

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