Making Your Special Event a Big Hit

Take your fundraising to the next level. Or impress attendees at corporate events and weddings. Concessions snacks are an easy and effective way to get people excited. Looking to add popcorn to your menu? Why not spice up your selection with our gourmet popcorn flavors? Create completely different menu items quickly that will wow your guests. Our team of experts has years of experience, so rely on us for affordable ideas for corporate events, fundraisers, and other special events that are simple to achieve and popular with guests.

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Why Should You Sell Hot Foods?

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Top Reasons for Buying Food Holding Cabinets

In the fast-paced world of food service, having a food holding cabinet is an indispensable asset. It’s not just about keeping food warm – it’s about maintaining optimal taste, texture, and most importantly food safety standards. A food holding cabinet is more than a piece of equipment, it is an investment in the satisfaction of your customers and success of your business.

Variety of Options

From humidified cabinets, volatile and non-volatile food holding cabinets to merchandisers and even sterno warmers for those without electricity, you can find the best equipment to meet your unique needs.

Expand Menu Options

No matter what you want to serve, from morning breakfast pastries to lunchtime pizza or anytime snacks like soft pretzels, there is a model that can accommodate your menu. There is a lot of versatility with the equipment, allowing it to be used for multiple applications, making it a cost-effective solution for your business.


With advanced temperature and humidity controls, holding cabinets help guarantee consistency of quality, flavor, and texture. They keep the food fresh over an extended period of time, preventing it from drying out, becoming overly cold, or overheating.


A holding cabinet can be a self-serving unit. This means employees are not required to continually warm and serve food for customers. Instead, customers enjoy the convenience of grab-and-go service, saving time. Staff can focus on other essential tasks, increasing overall productivity.

A Better Customer Experience

Customers appreciate quick service that doesn’t sacrifice quality. A holding cabinet is one way you can be prepared for peak times. When customer traffic spikes, you’ll be ready to handle large volumes of customers, reduce wait times, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


A food holding cabinet boosts your profits by reducing waste, improving food quality, and increasing operational efficiency. It is a relatively low-cost investment that can pay for itself in a rather short period of time.

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Getting Started with Food Holding Cabinets

A food holding cabinet may be one of the best kept secrets of the foodservice industry. It offers a simple way to keep a variety of foods fresh, warm, and tasty for customers. As you explore the models, you’ll find the value is exceptional and the possibilities are wide-ranging.

Food Warmers & Cabinets

Gold Medal is your source for reliable food warmers and cabinets. With options for volatile and non-volatile foods, and models for small or large venues, you’ll find the right piece of equipment. (View our selection of food warmers and cabinets.)


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Proven Profitability of Food Warmers

Food holding cabinets will deliver favorable profit margins for your business. As an example, pizza can yield profit margins over 62%! Food costs for the majority of items are generally considered affordable and with low prep, operators can set prices that are appealing to customers yet profitable too. Leveraging the advantages of a food holding cabinet means considerable revenue-generating potential in the long run.


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