Making Your Special Event a Big Hit

Take your fundraising to the next level. Or impress attendees at corporate events and weddings. Concessions snacks are an easy and effective way to get people excited. Looking to add popcorn to your menu? Why not spice up your selection with our gourmet popcorn flavors? Create completely different menu items quickly that will wow your guests. Our team of experts has years of experience, so rely on us for affordable ideas for corporate events, fundraisers, and other special events that are simple to achieve and popular with guests.

If you’re looking to keep costs low, consider machine rentals. Talk to one of our service reps and we can make sure you have the best machine for your event.


5 Must-Have Party Rental Products

Profitable Concession Equipment Rental Machines to Keep in Stock


For companies that offer party rentals, concession equipment can be a profitable addition to your product lineup. Here's why... initial start-up costs are relatively low and allow you to earn a return on investment faster than more pricey alternatives. Concession equipment can also bring the opportunity to upsell when customers are already purchasing other event items like tables and chairs. Plus with each rental, you also sell the associated supplies, providing additional sales dollars. 

Kids’ birthday parties are popular for concession equipment rental, but that’s definitely not all – think fun wedding reception ideas, festive fundraisers, intriguing corporate outings, and more. Expand your selection by investing in these fun rentals.

1. Cotton candy machines

Encourage an atmosphere of whimsy at events with a fun sugary treat. The machines are easy to operate and allow users to create a variety of cotton candy flavors to order, or to bag in advance. For a fun spin for corporate events or weddings, discuss adding the candy to cocktails.

2. Frozen treats

Sno-Kone®, shaved ice machines, and Frusheez® are an easy sell for outdoor summer events. These machines are a fantastic addition to company picnics, weddings, and even large family gatherings. A variety of flavored syrups are available, or customers can create their own, including adults-only boozy versions.

3. Popcorn machines

Especially great for fundraisers or themed parties, popcorn machines provide an eye-catching display and irresistible aroma for attendees. Planners can add more to the ambiance by pairing the machine with a cart. Offer Mega Pop Portion Pack Kits to make operation simple for the end user.

4. Hot dog grills and cookers

Another company picnic favorite, hot dog grills and steamers are a low-effort way to provide food for large gatherings. Available as rollers, rotisseries, and more, hot dog cookers give customers a fun way to feed a group for a low cost.

5. Warming cabinets

If a planner wants to control cost and portions, warming cabinets are the perfect solution. Customers can keep costs down by displaying their own baked-from-frozen pizzas rather than ordering delivery, and attendees must order their slices, which reduces the amount consumed even if offered free.

These concession equipment rental products all involve minimal expenses related to purchase and upkeep, and they show your customers that you are ready to meet them with innovative ideas for their events. Add them to your party rental selection today so planners can take advantage.

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