Event & School Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising for special events and schools, the number one goal is to have a high profit margin. We’ve done the math for you and can report that concession foods bring in an average of 70%–80% profits, making it an ideal way to raise money. You don’t have to be an expert to see this kind of a return. Here at Gold Medal, we’re available to give you fundraiser tips from themes to concession choices and more. From training your volunteer staff to choosing the right size popcorn machine, you can browse our site for school fundraising ideas and so much more.


Last-Minute Concession Stand Ideas

Last-Minute Tips for Concession Stand Success

If time is running short for getting your snack stand set up for the season, there’s no need to panic. Even with a packed schedule, you can have a successful stand. Use these last-minute tips to stay focused on the most important things and also find suggestions you can implement throughout the season for a streamlined operation.

  • Where to start: Focus on equipment. It’s your biggest investment, so you want to keep it maintained properly. Make sure each machine is cleaned thoroughly and is fully functioning. It’s easy for salt, debris, or sugary residue to accumulate on moving parts, which can affect performance. Without your machine, you’ll fall behind in sales. Find out if it’s time to replace your aging popcorn machine.
  • Your must-haves: Concession supplies are nearly as essential as your machines. Often-overlooked items, such as spare blades for your Sno-Kone® ice shaver or bands, ribbons, and floaters for your cotton candy machine, can make or break your stand on a given day. Keep these in mind when considering your supplies order so you have everything you need on hand. In addition, check your inventory throughout the season to avoid running out of top sellers, and keep your stock rotated so nothing expires.
  • Spreading the word: Announcing your presence is key to generating excitement, increasing awareness, and driving traffic to your snack stand. Customers won’t come if they don’t know you’re there! Use social media to your advantage – you can announce specials, tease new flavors, and share photos and videos to engage with your audience. Do this in real-time from your stand if marketing time upfront is scarce. Post printed signs also: near restrooms, entrances, and other high-traffic areas. If you have a PA system, make announcements about what’s cooking at your concession stand.
  • Packaging and presentation: Think outside the typical bag or box! You can attract attention with little advance planning by using jumbo-sized bags of popcorn or cotton candy. Keep one on display to catch customers’ eyes. Consider creating a sampler of some of your menu items as well. Guests will enjoy being able to mix and match their favorites.
  • Simple menu additions: You may think there’s no time to add a new item, but what if you reimagine what you currently offer? Combine existing items for a new twist! Ice cream is very versatile and can be mixed with other selections like caramel corn, Sno-Kones, or cotton candy. Or introduce combos at special pricing. Even a single new product, like Sour Attitude, can double your Sno-Kone flavors by adding a sour tang to your sweet syrups.

It can be daunting to prepare a snack stand with limited time, but you can do it successfully! Gold Medal’s consultants are here to help. If you have budget concerns, forgot to order something, need to boost sales, or have other questions, it helps to have a team on your side! Whether you’re just starting out or seeking the next level of improvement, we can partner with you to achieve your goals. Put our knowledge and experience to work for your snack bar – find the dealer nearest you.