Event & School Fundraising Ideas

When it comes to fundraising for special events and schools, the number one goal is to have a high profit margin. We’ve done the math for you and can report that concession foods bring in an average of 70%–80% profits, making it an ideal way to raise money. You don’t have to be an expert to see this kind of a return. Here at Gold Medal, we’re available to give you fundraiser tips from themes to concession choices and more. From training your volunteer staff to choosing the right size popcorn machine, you can browse our site for school fundraising ideas and so much more.


Overcoming Fundraising Challenges

Fundraising Ideas Q & A

Approaches to fundraising are changing. Many of the typical fundraisers you’ve relied on in the past are no longer an option. Yet, the need for practical, effective fundraising solutions still remains. Gold Medal is helping schools, churches, sports teams, scouts, and other nonprofit groups to confront this challenging environment in multiple ways.

Prepackaged Snacks

Q. Can we still have a concession stand at games/events?

A. While the specific guidelines and mandates vary from state to state, concession stands are reopening in many areas. The majority are adapting their offerings to more prepackaged items. The good news is that you don’t have to give up your concession stand favorites, like caramel corn or cotton candy. Gold Medal offers a variety of prepackaged concession food items including popcorn, cotton candy, nachos and cheese, and soft pretzels.

ReadyPop Popper

Q. Beyond prepackaged, how can we address food safety?

A. Gold Medal has introduced the ReadyPop®, a 16-oz commercial popcorn machine plus self-serve station in one! Operators can pop multiple batches, then customers are able to fill cups or bags through the push-button dispenser without impacting any food safety concerns. Not only does it save on labor, but it also helps to provide peace of mind to your patrons.


Q. Our concession stand will not be open. What options do we have?

A. You can still host a fundraiser, even virtually, using prepackaged concession foods. For example, Gold Medal’s Gourmet Popcorn line offers snack-sized and retail-sized bags in five classic flavors: caramel corn, cheese corn, caramel & cheese mix, movie theater style, and kettle corn. These can be sold using a custom order form.


Q. How do we decide what solution is right for our team?

A. Don’t try to do it alone! Align with a reputable supplier that can consult with you about your specific needs. Contact Gold Medal at 800-543-0862 or [email protected] to connect with a professional in your area. We’ve worked with groups of all sizes and we’ll be happy to develop a program that will meet your needs and make your job easier!

For more on fundraising with concession foods, download Your Guide to School Fundraising & Sports Concessions.