Razor Host
Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Make Two, Top-Selling Items in One Machine

Cincinnati, Ohio


It’s never been easier to expand year-round sales and make two blockbuster, profit-packed products in one machine. Once warm, the #2182 Combo Kandy King will make 4 lbs. of frosted nuts in about 15 minutes and 5 gallons of caramel corn in about 20 minutes.

The mouth-watering smell of cooking caramel corn and the sugar and spice smell of the frosted nuts will draw the crowds, plus the warm nuts are especially popular in the cooler months.

It’s a cinch to switch back and forth between the two foods. The digital heat control let’s you clearly set and see the temperature so you don’t burn the products, making it easier to train staff and for anyone to run. Plus, the Combo Kandy King is available in right and left hand dump options.


Make Two, Top-Selling Items in One Machine


Gold Medal also makes complete mixes for frosted nuts and caramel corn to further eliminate the guesswork and quickly serve your customers. (Additional corn treat flavors are also available.)