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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cheese Corn in Minutes and with Less Breakage

Cheese Corn in Minutes and with Less Breakage

Cincinnati, Ohio

Make profits pop and savor the sizzling sales of cheese corn. The new #2703 Cheese Corn Tumbler quickly covers the corn, and reduces the amount of broken kernels by gently spinning the corn (no paddles are used). The Tumbler can easily handle 5 gallons of corn per batch and it's ready in 5 minutes! Plus, the aluminum drum is easy to clean. It's fast and a cinch to run—making it the perfect product for any business that already sells caramel corn and popcorn, or would like to boost year-round sales.

To make sales really skyrocket, pair it with Gold Medal's delicious, creamy Cheddar Classic (Kosher Dairy), Platinum White Cheddar (Kosher Dairy), Cheddar Pure Gold (Zero Trans Fats), White Cheddar Easy or Deluxe Cheddar Easy. These or any of the other tasty flavors are a recipe for successful year-round sales and gift tins.