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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Web Site Updates Make Unbeatable Profits Just a Click Away

Web Site Updates Make Unbeatable Profits Just a Click Away

Cincinnati, Ohio

You know Gold Medal has set the standard for unparalleled, tailored customer service with worldwide distributors and service experts. Now, we've also changed the rules with instant, 24-hour access to the industry's best information at our updated Web site (




  • Real Life Answers to Real Life Questions - Experts will help you choose the right machine for your business or home, using decades of industry knowledge and practical experience.
  • Easy to Search - Extensive product pages make it easy to find the best equipment and supplies in the industry. You'll save time and money with our one-stop approach.
  • More Product Information - Access information wherever, or whenever you need it. Large photos, spec sheets, features, ship weights and more are available at the click of button.
  • Free Resources - Whether you're new to the business or want to expand, we offer free information to help you succeed. Find printed materials like How to Make Money with Snacks, a profit calculator, a live chat feature, an online catalog with interactive features, success stories, tutorial videos, and so much more!