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Cotton Candy Art

Child holds flower cotton candy indoors

Add a fun factor and drive more sales with creative cotton candy art! Put on a show when you create cotton candy sculptures, like flowers or animals. It adds to the experience, attracts attention, and draws in more potential customers. For this example, we will create a layered cotton candy flower.



  • Turn on the power switch of the QuickSpin cotton candy machine. (Switch light will be green.)
  • Set Heat to Make Floss. (LED will be blinking green.)
  • LED turns solid green when unit is ready to make floss.
  • Fill the provided scoop with Flossugar. (less than 1 oz.)
  • Pour the Flossugar into the head.
  • Twist cone to gather floss. (Tip is to spin the cone quickly.)
  • Use a skewer to shape the floss into the desired shape. (In this case, start with a round center.)
  • For the next color, fill the provided scoop with Flossugar.
  • Pour the Flossugar into the head.
  • Wrap the new color of floss in layers around the first color.
  • Use a skewer to shape floss if desired. (In this case, create the petals of the flower by pushing the skewer in at five different points alternating around the outer edge.)
  • Continue the process of switching colors/flavors until your sculpture is complete. (In this case, wrap a final ring of cotton candy around the flower shape.)
  • Keep practicing! Cotton candy art is a creative process.