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Why Should You Sell Cotton Candy?

Pink cotton candy wrapped in bags against the blue sky

Top Reasons for Selling Cotton Candy

Light, fluffy, and sweet, it’s the sugary treat that’s loved by all ages. Cotton candy holds a special place in both our hearts and tastebuds. You may think of cotton candy at carnivals, stadiums, and amusement parks but it can make any occasion feel special! See why venues choose cotton candy.


Low Cost

The cost of ingredients is low, giving you great flexibility in pricing. Cost per serving is typically under 20¢, depending on how it is packaged. As a result, cotton candy boasts some of the highest potential profit margins while still being affordable for customers.



There’s no mistaking that cotton candy is a beloved treat for children and adults alike. It is one of the fun foods that taps into nostalgia. It is associated with joy, entertainment, and memorable moments. With such a wide appeal, cotton candy is a great fit for many different locations.


Easy to Make

With the right equipment, making cotton candy is a breeze! Just add Flossugar to the machine and watch as whisps of sugar transform into a cloud of cotton candy before your eyes. Then spin your cotton candy cone to collect it and package it in a bag or container.



Cotton candy is particularly popular during the summer months when outdoor events are more common. Yet, it is versatile and can be sold at any time of the year. Cotton candy can be served in a variety of settings from concession stands to movie theaters, fundraisers, or special events. Restaurants can even add cotton candy to desserts or drinks.


Low Overhead

Selling cotton candy doesn’t require a lot of equipment or space, which means businesses can sell it even if they have limited resources. All that’s needed is a cotton candy machine, some Flossugar, and cones or bags for serving.



Most people are familiar with seeing the classic pink and blue cotton candy. While that may be most popular, there are plenty of colors and flavors to choose from including cherry, chocolate, and even bubble gum and birthday cake.


a hand is shown holding cotton candy in the streets

Getting Started with Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is a versatile snack that can easily be a best-seller in nearly any setting. Our wide selection of floss machines offers models designed for the novice and the large-volume seller. From classic favorites to new signature Flossugar flavors, we have all the cotton candy supplies to meet your needs.


Gold Medal cotton candy machines give you the advantage in the market with the features that matter most to operators. Highlights include smaller-footprint cabinet designs and UL Sanitation-certified floss machines. 


Sell more cotton candy when you use a cart or merchandiser. We offer a variety of displays, floss bubbles, and accessories designed to make you stand out.


Choose from Flossugar or Flossine® as your secret ingredient for the best, most flavorful cotton candy. Plus, get your bags, containers, cotton candy cones and more. (Browse Gold Medal Cotton Candy Supplies here.)


woman smiling as she enjoys her cotton candy

Proven Profitability of Cotton Candy

Cotton candy is one of the most profitable concession foods due to its low production cost and high retail value. The raw materials are incredibly affordable. Yet, its popularity and nostalgic appeal mean cotton candy can be sold at a much higher price. From small town fairs to bustling city events, cotton candy can be a best-seller.


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