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Get Ready for Basketball Menu Madness!

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Fueling Up for Game Day: A Guide to Basketball Season’s Best Eats

As the basketball season heats up, fans are on the lookout for the perfect spot to catch all the action. Whether it's at a sports bar or another venue, one thing is certain - the food needs to be both budget-friendly and a crowd-pleaser. That's where concession foods come in - they're the ultimate strategy for satisfying both fans and your bottom line.


Popcorn is Essential

No matter how you serve it, popcorn is a must-have. Many stick with the basic, all-time favorite, salty and buttery mix. It is so low cost; some establishments offer it for free. The free offer is an effective promo that will bring in traffic, keep customers staying longer, and it can help you make a name for yourself. Not to mention, it drives up your beverage sales. With ReadyPop® Jr., you can enjoy the combination of an 8-oz popper and self-serve dispenser in one compact unit. No more scooping, customers can serve up fresh popcorn with just the push of a button.   


You can also choose to enhance your offerings with shake-on flavors. Gold Medal’s Signature Shakes® include bacon & cheese, garlic parmesan, ranch, and other favorites. If you want to be more creative, try popping in team colors or making basketball-decorated popcorn balls.


Pretzels will Perform

Another reliable, crowd-pleasing favorite is soft pretzels. Easy prep (just place inside a humidified warmer) makes it an attractive option for busy bartenders. Plus, soft pretzels are well-known as a perfect pairing with beer. You can make it your own by offering a selection of different dips from honey mustard to nacho cheese, tomato sauce, ranch dressing, chili, or even icing. Pretzels are highly versatile and can be served as an appetizer, side, or even a main course.


In addition to a selection of warmers, Gold Medal offers the Meister Bake® Soft Pretzels. These individually wrapped soft pretzels are shelf-stable and ready-to-serve. No freezing required. Enjoy them right out of the pack or simply warm them up. They come in salted, unsalted, and cinnamon flavors.


Just Wing It

Wings and sports have become inseparable. But how do you make your wings stand out from every other bar, restaurant, and pizza place in town? The answer lies in your seasoning. Did you know you can use Signature Shakes to flavor wings? Suddenly, your menu can expand to include custom flavors like Mediterranean herb, smooth cheddar pretzel ale, or the hot and spicy Buffalo breath. Incorporating custom flavorings into your wing offerings can be a simple and effective way to increase customer satisfaction and boost sales. With just three ingredients, the wing sauce recipe is easy to follow. Plus, use the mini tumbler to make coating your wings a hands-free process.


Fan-Favorite Foods

Bring the courtside experience to your customers! The top concession stand foods are simple to add to your menu and offer variety to your customer base. Nachos, hot dogs, and pizza are basic items with wide-ranging appeal, but you have the power to dress them up! Promote unique toppings, especially ones with team connections. Or try a “make-your-own” item, where individuals can select from a list of toppings to form their own flavor creation. Keep in mind that customization doesn’t have to be difficult. And the added benefit is giving your customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else.


The equipment you’ll need is minimal. For example, you can operate with a nacho cheese dispenser and chip warmer. Hot dog prep is made easy with roller grills. And pizza can be kept warm inside a holding cabinet. Keep your kitchen running smoothly with these fan favorites that don’t require long wait times or complicated prep.


Fun Frozen Drinks for the Win

Not everyone is a beer drinker, so it helps to have other options that are affordable, easy, and bring a fun factor. Frusheez® frozen slush treats can be used in combination with your favorite liquor to produce margarita, strawberry daiquiri, or even a spiked sweet tea. This is another opportunity where you could also create a special drink promo with your local team colors. Frozen drinks are a great option as an alternative to beer. They appeal to a wide range of customers. Plus, you can also make non-alcoholic versions for those who are underage.


The prep is easy as the Frusheez machine does most of the work for you. There are single, twin, and triple bowl options available. Think about the possibilities of layering different flavors for a frozen drink that has an attention-getting visual!


Easy to prepare, convenient to serve, and appealing to a wide range of customers, concession foods offer a fun and diverse menu that is sure to please any sports fan. Less expensive than other options, they are a great value for customers and an attractive profit maker for operators.


Don’t just think about planning your menu, let’s do it together! Contact Gold Medal to stock up on all your basketball tournament needs, including equipment, food supplies, and food trays. Let’s make it your best season yet! Just call 800-543-0862 or email [email protected].


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