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PopClean® Elite Popper® Series Bucket Pump Oil Calibration & Popping with Touch Screen Controls


Video Transcript

0:00 ⦋ Opening Title ⦌

0:11 Before you begin, make sure you have read and understand the operator’s manual,

0:16 installation instructions and all other safety instructions before setting up and using this equipment.

0:23 Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, or maintenance can cause property damage, injury, or death.

0:32 Any alterations to this equipment will void the warranty and may cause a dangerous condition.

0:39 Installation of the PopClean Elite Popper Series poppers should be performed by qualified service personnel and

0:45 the fire suppression system, if equipped, must be charged and activated by an ansul-certified representative.

0:52 Read and understand the instruction manual and all other safety instructions for the unit before using this equipment.

1:00 Once your popper is unpacked and installed, you are now ready to calibrate your oil system.

1:06 Install the sensor plate in the bottom of the machine as shown.

1:22 Turn on the main power switch and press the menu button in the top right corner.

1:28 This will take you to the menu screen.

1:30 Next, select the setting options and press oil system calibration.

1:37 With an empty bucket and motor pump on the sensor plate, press OK at the Remove Empty Oil To Reach 0% prompt.

1:46 Next, open a full bucket of oil and place the oil and pump assemblies onto the sensor plate.

2:29 Once installed, confirm by pressing OK at the Add New Oil to Reach 100% prompt.

2:36 You have now calibrated the oil level. Press OK to confirm.

2:41 Now that your oil level is set, you will need to calibrate the pump.

2:45 Make sure the kettle is completely cool before calibration and taking volume measurements.

2:51 First, on the setting screen, select Oil Pump Calibration and follow the steps.

2:56 Remove the oil funnel on top of the kettle and place a measuring cup under the oil delivery tube.

3:05 When ready, press OK to confirm. At the Dispense Oil prompt, press the button to start the pump motor.

3:13 The oil will run for a preset amount of time.

3:18 After the pump is finished, compare the oil measurements to the volume shown on the screen.

3:23 If the oil amount shown on the screen matches what is in the measuring cup, press OK and turn off the unit.

3:32 If the oil volume does not match, press the up arrow to increase the oil volume or press the down arrow to decrease the oil volume.

3:41 Once the volumes match, press OK and turn off the unit.

3:47 Before you turn on the unit, reattach the oil funnel on top of the kettle. Once attached, restart the machine.

3:55 Now that your oil level and pump is calibrated, you are ready to pop some popcorn.

4:00 On the home screen press cook.

4:03 Next select your recipe by selecting butterfly popcorn, salt flavoring and your popcorn load size and press OK.

4:12 Your kettle will then begin preheating.

4:15 Once the kettle is preheated, the screen will say add corn and Flavacol.

4:22 At this point, load your corn and Flavacol, close the lid and press the OK button.

4:29 After pressing OK you will be asked to dispense oil. Press OK to dispense oil and start the cooking process.

4:37 Your popcorn will start popping and the screen will alert you when it is time to dump the kettle.

4:42 When is says Dump Kettle press OK to continue.

4:50 After you dump the kettle, take your popcorn scoop and gently move the popcorn around to separate out any unpopped kernels.

4:58 The screen will now ask you if you need to Repeat Recipe. Select OK to cook another batch. If done, select Cancel.

5:06 Now you are ready to scoop and serve delicious popcorn!