How To’s

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Multi-Colored Funnel Cakes

We had fun creating these Halloween-inspired multi-colored funnel cakes! Try making them in local school colors or other combinations that will resonate with your customer base.


  • 5 lb bag #5100 Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake Mix
  • Frying oil
  • 90 oz. water

For green funnel cakes: 1/3 cup Green Apple Signature Blends #2294

For orange funnel cakes: 1/3 cup Orange Signature Blends #2288

For black funnel cakes: 1/3 cup Black Cherry Signature Blends #2287


  • Add coloring agent to funnel cake mix and stir
  • Preparing the funnel cake batter
    • Place 90oz. of water in a large container
    • Using a blender on slow speed, or a whisk, slowly add the funnel cake mix
    • Blend until the batter is smooth
    • Pour the batter into a funnel pouring pitcher
  • Making Your Funnel Cake
    • Fill your shallow fryer to the recommended level with vegetable oil and heat to 400°F.
    • Place the funnel cake mold in the fryer
    • Pour batter into the mold from a funnel cake pitcher, starting with a circle of batter near the outer edge of the mold, then making a zig-zag overlapping design touching the outer edge circle.
    • For multiple colors in one cake, alternate pouring colors from separate pitchers
    • Do not overfill mold since the batter will expand as it cooks
    • After approximately 30 seconds remove the mold and turn the funnel cake over with tongs to achieve a golden brown on both sides.
    • Remove the funnel cake and let it cool briefly.
    • Top with powdered sugar, ice cream, honey or any kind of your favorite toppings.